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ADXL362: Three Axis Accelerometer


This sample application demonstrates how to use the ADXL362 with data ready and threshold triggers. The upper and lower threshold triggers are configured in link mode with referenced detection. See the ADXL362 Datasheet for additional details.

Building and Running

This sample requires an ADXL362 sensor. It should work with any platform featuring a I2C peripheral interface. It does not work on QEMU.

west build -b <board to use> samples/sensor/adxl362
west flash

Sample Output

The application will print acceleration values to the console at the default sampling rate of 12.5 Hz. Shake the board continuously to trigger an upper threshold event. Stop shaking the board to trigger a lower threshold event. In both cases, Threshold trigger will be printed to the console.

x: -0.1, y: -0.0, z: 16.0 (m/s^2)
x: -1.0, y: 7.0, z: 21.0 (m/s^2)
Threshold trigger
x: -3.1, y: 4.0, z: 0.0 (m/s^2)
x: 1.1, y: 4.0, z: 15.1 (m/s^2)


ADXL362 Datasheet and Product Info: