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LP5030/6: 10 or 12 RGB channels


This sample controls up to 12 LEDs connected to a LP503x driver.

First, for each LED information is retrieved using the led_get_info syscall and printed in the log messages. Next, from an infinite loop, a test pattern (described below) is applied to all the LEDs simultaneously (using the led_write_channels syscall) and then to each LED one by one (using the led_set_{brightness,color} syscalls).

Test pattern

For all the LEDs first (using channel API) and then for each LED one by one:

For each color in red green blue white yellow purple cyan orange:

  • set the color

  • turn on

  • turn off

  • set the brightness gradually to the maximum level

  • turn off

Building and Running

This sample can be built and executed on boards with an I2C LP5030/6 LED driver connected. A node matching the “ti,lp503x” binding should be defined in the board DTS files.

As an example this sample provides a DTS overlay for the NXP LPCXpresso11U68 board (boards/lpcxpresso11u68.overlay). It assumes that a I2C LP5030 LED driver (with 10 LEDs wired) is connected to the I2C0 bus at address 0x30.