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LMP90100 Sensor AFE Evaluation Board: RTD Sample


This sample is provided as an example of how to read the temperature of a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensor using the LMP90100 Sensor AFE Evaluation Board shield. The sample is designed for use with a 3-wire PT100 sensor.

Please refer to LMP90100 Sensor AFE Evaluation Board for more information on this shield.


Prior to running the sample application, the LMP90100 EVB must be connected to the development board according to Example #3 (“3-wire RTD Application”) in the LMP90100 Sensor AFE Evaluation Board User’s Guide.

Building and Running

This sample runs with the LMP90100 EVB connected to any development board with a matching Arduino connector. For this example, we use a NXP FRDM-K64F board.

west build -b frdm_k64f samples/shields/lmp90100_evb/rtd

Sample Output

R: 111.15 ohm
T: 28.66 degC
R: 111.14 ohm
T: 28.64 degC
R: 111.14 ohm
T: 28.63 degC
R: 111.13 ohm
T: 28.61 degC