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Network Statistics Sample Application


This sample shows how to query (and display) network statistics from a user application.

The source code for this sample application can be found at: samples/net/stats.

Building and Running

A good way to run this sample application is with QEMU or native_posix board as described in Networking with the host system.

Follow these steps to build the network statistics sample application:

west build -b <board to use> samples/net/stats -- -DCONF_FILE=prj.conf

If everything is configured correctly, the application will periodically print current network statistics to the console.

Global network statistics
IPv6 recv      27   sent    8       drop    0       forwarded       0
IPv6 ND recv   2    sent    5       drop    2
IPv6 MLD recv  0    sent    3       drop    0
IPv4 recv      20   sent    0       drop    20      forwarded       0
IP vhlerr      0    hblener 0       lblener 0
IP fragerr     0    chkerr  0       protoer 0
ICMP recv      15   sent    3       drop    13
ICMP typeer    0    chkerr  0
UDP recv       0    sent    0       drop    30
UDP chkerr     0
TCP bytes recv 0    sent    0
TCP seg recv   0    sent    0       drop    0
TCP seg resent 0    chkerr  0       ackerr  0
TCP seg rsterr 0    rst     0       re-xmit 0
TCP conn drop  0    connrst 0
Bytes received 7056
Bytes sent     564
Processing err 1